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For over a decade, our cameras have been leading the way in cutting edge recording technology with the new MK4 being the ideal body camera for retail and shop staff.

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Major retailers such as Tesco, Co-Op and Spar have all begun to employ body worn cameras for their retail and cashier staff in response to rising levels of violence.

Body worn cameras act both as a deterrent and as evidence after the fact. If an attack does occur then all the evidence that would be necessary to prosecute is readily at hand.

The Partner MK4 is fully encrypted with its integrated DEMS solution offering a high-level Digital Evidence Management Platform that is not only GDPR compliant but also offers a wide range of features shop staff and retail workers find helpful.
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The Partner MK4 is ideal for use as a body camera for retail staff because it is far less obtrusive than many of its competitors and will not get in the way of staff while they go about their day and perform their shop or supermarket duties .

Despite its size, The Partner MK4 is a high specification body worn camera boasting 1440p QHD recording with advanced noise filtering technology that helps capture ultra-clear audio while reducing background noise. It can also snap 32M photos, uses advanced H.265 encoding which allows for up to 17 hours of footage to be stored at any one time.

The Partner MK4 packing an extra large 3200mHA lithium battery that enables up to over 100 hours of standby time and 15 hours of continuous recording. This means that retail staff will have no problems using the camera on a double shift without the need for charging or downloading. The MK4 has a surprisingly lower power draw as it has done away with superfluous components such as a screen.
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The Partner MK4 will not get in the way of supermarket, shop or other retail staff’s duties. Weighing under 150g and being less than 9cm long, this body camera can be mounted on one’s uniform and forgotten about until needed.

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The Partner MK4 is highly robust with an ingress protection rating of IP67 and having been drop tested to 1.8 metres. It has no screen and its casing is completely sealed with no unnecessary weak spots or points of egress.

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The Partner MK4 can not only recording 1440p QHD resolution at 30FPS but is also one of the few body warn cameras that can record in 1080p at 60FPS. Advanced noise filtering technology enables some of the clearest audio on the market.

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The Partner MK4 is also able to take high quality snapshots up to 32M. These can be done individually or in rapid succession through the use of burst mode. A 4MP CMOS sensor ensures that the picture quality is maintained even in low light.

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This system is fully integrated into its own specially designed Digital Evidence Management software that automates downloading and charging, allows the viewing of encrypted footage and ensures compliance with GDPR.

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The Partner MK4 is clearly labelled and will indicate red when recording, which as a deterrent while retail body camera users perform their duties unmolested.

The Partner DEMS is a locally installed Digital Evidence Management Software which means that it is installed to a single computer like a laptop in a retail store or shop. It requires no network access, no internet, cellular data or WIFI. It also means that there are no ongoing storage costs or license renewals.

The Partner DEMS automates the process of downloading, clearing and charging The Partner MK4 body camera. When a member of staff has finished their shift at your shop or supermarket, they can just place their camera into its dock and the DEMS will automatically begin the process.

The Partner DEMS has a host of features including an Audit Log that tracks all actions within the system. It also has access and permission level controls ensuring that no unauthorised persons can perform actions that you don’t want them to.
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The Partner MK4 Body Worn Camera

£220.00 (excl VAT)
The Partner MK4 is the industry leading security body camera that is used by officers, private companies and government on sites across the UK. It offers AES256 Encryption, 1440p video and crystal clear audio recording, an IP67 rating, a very wide range of features and is fully integrated into its own Digital Evidence Management Software(DEMS).

This security body worn camera is GDPR compliant and one of the few locally installed solutions with no on-going costs still available.
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The Partner MK4 Body Worn Camera

£220.00 (excl VAT)

The Partner MK4 is the industry leading 4th generation flagship model that is used by security, private companies, government, and the NHS on sites across the UK. It offers AES256 Encryption, 1440p video and crystal clear audio recording, an IP67 rating, a very wide range of features and is fully integrated into its own Digital Evidence Management Software(DEMS).

The Partner MK4 is one of the leading professional grade body camera UK models. It is GDPR compliant and one of the few locally installed encrypted body worn video solutions still available. Using the Partner DEMS requires a single PC lifetime license which can also be bought below.
The Partner MK4 Body Worn Camera

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about The Partner MK4 Body Camera or The Partner DEMS, please call us on 01722 444 847, Mon - Friday, 9am to 5pm.
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Body camera adoption within the supermarket and retail sector is currently unevenly spread with deployments tending toward problematic areas and specific stores. Wide spread adoption is happening gradually with more and more customer service and cashiers wearing retail staff body camera. Whether it is right for your store will depend on its individual circumstances. It is important however to try and ensure that adoption does not get in the way of a staff member’s core responsibilities and is only noticeable when it is needed.
There are a number of reasons that The Partner MK4 body worn camera is ideal for retail staff. Firstly, it is smaller than similar high-specification models and as such, lighter and less noticeable while going about your duties. It is also easy to use with single button activation, clearly labelled and obvious when in recording mode. This retail staff body camera is highly robust and does not require WIFI, cellular data or any form of network to function. This is not only useful in stores with weak connections but also reduces the running costs for the system in the short and long term.
Simply designate a computer or laptop in the supermarket or shop as the downloading station. Plug-in a solo or multi-dock and leave the DEMS running. Staff come in for their shift and take a camera and mount it on their uniform. During the day if an incident occurs, the staff member should press record. Once the incident has finished, they can then press and hold record again to turn it off. At the end of their shift, they can drop their camera into the dock and clock out. The camera will automatically download and save all footage, clear the camera and charge it. Management should be notified of any incidents so that they can action the footage. Rinse and repeat.
This depends entirely on how often footage is being recorded and in what resolution using what settings. Higher resolution and settings like pre-record will drain the footage more quickly. Continuous recording is also the fastest way to use up battery and storage. If you only record during incidents then you should be able to go days without needing to dock. The Partner MK4 offers over 100 + hours of standby and up to 15 hours of continuous recording.
It might seem strange that we highlight The Partner MK4’s lack of a screen so much. We do this because in our experience, a screen is a massive hinderance to operational success. They make body cameras heavier, more likely to break, harder to clean, more expensive and they don’t really help in any way. This is also why the world leader in body cameras, Axon, does not have screens on their cameras.
In many cases footage resolution can be quite academic. 1080p is already high definition, is 1440p really necessary? Every manager has their priorities, some like crystal clear video for identifying suspects while others tend toward battery conservation. Higher frame rates mean that more frames are available when reviewing footage per second, this also has its advantages for identifying suspects. A low frame rate with low resolution however can be quite detrimental when submitting footage for evidence.
The Partner MK4 actually has both an extra long pre and post record. The Pre-record function allows the camera to constantly be recording footage and storing it in its buffer for a pre-determined amount of time. Once that time, 30s, 60s, 120s etc. has elapsed, the footage is dumped. If record is hit, the footage currently in the buffer will be attached to the new recording. This allows for retail staff to capture the lead up to an incident rather than just once things has escalated. Post record prevents staff from turning off the camera and undertaking illegal actions such as assaulting a member of the public without record.
The great thing about The Partner MK4 and The Partner DEMS is that they do not involve ongoing costs such as cloud storage or licensing fees. When you buy The Partner MK4, you own it outright. When you buy a The Partner DEMS single PC lifetime license, you can use it indefinitely on the computer that it is installed to. You can also use as many body cameras as you want on a single license.
Cloud storage at its most basic sense just means stored on someone else’s computer vs stored on your own computer. This can be a double-edged sword. If you do not have a stable network or WIFI connection, you have to rely on cellular data which is incredibly expensive over time. It also means that you will have ongoing cloud storage fees on a monthly or annual basis. With the latest iteration of The Partner Body Camera system, we wanted to ensure that there were no ongoing fees to run it which is why we use a locally installed solution.
The Advanced Encryption Standard 256 bit is the industry standard for footage encryption in the global body camera market. Encryption is necessary for any companies that plan to capture and store body worn video footage in the UK thanks to GDPR. In order to remain GDPR compliant, any footage that is recorded by shop or supermarket staff body cameras would need to be thoroughly secured. This means that if a body camera is stolen, there would be no chance that the footage could be accessed by an unauthorised user. The Partner MK4 has several layers of protection on top of the AES256 encyption.
For users who buy stand alone cheap body cameras, like Boblovs on Amazon, will know all too well the frustrations of manually plugging in, entering the password, opening file explorer, navigating to the USB drive, copying across your files and then clearing them from the camera. The Partner DEMS automates this entire process and simply requires retail staff to drop the camera in the dock.
The industry standard for body camera mounting is the KlickFast system. A wide range of mounting options is available in this system including harnesses, garment retrodocks, clip on docks and more. The Partner MK4 includes a KlickFast stud as standard and is compatible with all official KlickFast docks.

Absolutely, like all The Partner Body Cameras products, The Partner MK4 and The Partner DEMS are both covered by our Technical Support Team who are available during the week, 9 – 5 on 01722 444 847.

Have Any Questions?

To arrange an online demonstration, get more information or if you have any questions, please call us on 01722 444 847 or email sales@tpbodycamera.co.uk.
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