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Body Camera for Transport & Rail Staff

The Partner Body Cameras

Our cameras have been a mainstay on sites across the UK for over ten years with our newest model, The Partner MK4 being the ideal rail staff body camera. 

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Whether it is body cameras for rail guards, gate line staff or revenue protection officers, these devices have become a common sight on trains and in transport hubs around the UK.

The need for body cameras to be worn by train staff is a direct result of the general uptick in violent crime that has been witnessed across the country as a whole. In order to both act as a deterrent as well as a source of evidence after the fact, body worn cameras have been introduced by rail operators to protect their staff.

The Partner MK4 Body Camera is an ideal body camera for train and railway staff as it not only uses cutting edge video & audio recording technology but is both affordable and highly robust. The Partner MK4 has a host of features that not only make it highly reliable but also an invaluable tool for rail community officers, customer service assistants and anyone who might need that extra layer of protection.
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The Partner MK4 body camera boasts an impressive 3200mHA long life battery meaning that it can be used on even the longest train journeys without the need for charging. The H.265 encoded 32GB storage can hold up to 17 hours of footage at one time. This means that you could continuously record from Aberdeen to Penzance before beginning to need to dock your body camera. The Partner MK4 offers up to 100+ hours of standby.

The Partner MK4 uses AES256 encryption as well as password protection and a tamper proof design, meaning that it is GDPR compliant. The footage is encrypted at the point of recording and is transferred, stored and viewed (through The Partner DEMS) while encrypted. If you need to hand footage over to the police, it can be easily unencrypted and exported by authorised users.

When it comes to hardware specifications, The Partner MK4 competes at a very high level with 1440p recording and 1080p at 60FPS, it is one of the higher spec body cameras available for train staff and rail companies. It also has the ability to capture 32M still frame snapshots that can be used to identify subjects that have abused gate line staff or rail community officers.
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The Partner MK4 body worn camera can record for up to 15 hours continuously or be on standby for 100+ hours off of a single charge which will last even the longest train journeys.

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All footage is AES256 encrypted at the point of recording which is further protected by a password and drive masking. This rail staff body camera is GDPR compliant.

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The Partner MK4 is built for durability and has an IP67 rating, is drop tested to 1.8m and has a hard outer case with not additional weak points such as screens or rotatable/articulated lenses.

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The Partner MK4 Body Worn Camera uses advanced video and audio recording technology and can record in up to 1440p at 30FPS and 1080p at 60FPS.

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The Partner MK4 uses both a 4MP CMOS sensor and Infra-red lamps to enable low-light and night-vision recording. This allows rail staff to keep capturing footage in dimly lit areas such as tunnels.

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If attacked, revenue protection officers, rail guards and other transportation workers are able to activate their body camera quickly using The Partner MK4's large central button.

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This system is integrated into its own Digital Evidence Management software that automates downloading and ensures compliance with GDPR.

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On The Partner MK4, Audio & Video is clearly labelled on the camera and a red light indicates recording is in progress to let the public know.

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The MK4 is unobrtusive and will not interfere with rail staff while they perform there duties whether that be gateline staff, train conductor or anything else.

The Partner MK4 is fully integrated into The Partner Digital Evidence Management System, The Partner DEMS. This solution is locally-installed meaning that it just requires a laptop or PC to run off and is downloaded and stored on that device. This means that no internet or network connection is required where the cameras download.

Authorised Railway and transportation staff who use the system have access to functionality such as watching encrypted footage, an automated Audit Log, permission and access control to protect footage, file annotation and the ability to unencrypt and export footage for transfer to the police.

While The Partner DEMS is running, simply dock you’re the Partner MK4 body camera and the software will pull down any footage you have on the device and clear its storage, all while charging the camera for use when needed.
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The Partner MK4 Body Worn Camera

£220.00 (excl VAT)
The Partner MK4 is the industry leading security body camera that is used by officers, private companies and government on sites across the UK. It offers AES256 Encryption, 1440p video and crystal clear audio recording, an IP67 rating, a very wide range of features and is fully integrated into its own Digital Evidence Management Software(DEMS).

This security body worn camera is GDPR compliant and one of the few locally installed solutions with no on-going costs still available.
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The Partner MK4 Body Worn Camera

£220.00 (excl VAT)
The Partner MK4 is the ideal body camera for transport and rail staff for a number of reasons. It offers GDPR compliant AES256 Encryption, 1440p video and crystal clear audio recording, an IP67 rating, a very wide range of features and is fully integrated into its own Digital Evidence Management Software(DEMS).

The partner DEMS is bought as a single PC lifetime license with no ongoing costs or renewals. As it is per PC, you can run multiple cameras from a single license.
The Partner MK4 Body Worn Camera

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about The Partner MK4 Body Camera or The Partner DEMS, please call us on 01722 444 847, Mon - Friday, 9am to 5pm.
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With aggression amongst passengers at an all-time high, attacks on railway employees such as gateline staff rail community officers, revenue protection officers and customer service assistants have become common place. In order to act as both a deterrent before the fact, and as evidence after the fact, employers having been equipping their teams with these devices on a more frequent basis. 

Studies have shown that people are less likely to act aggressively if they know they are being filmed or if they believe that there will be repercussions for their actions. Body cameras also assist in acting as evidence if the case is being prosecuted with body worn video footage regularly used in court.

The Partner Body Cameras have always walked the tight-rope between high-end technology and cost effective solution. The Partner MK4 is no different. It competes at a high level with regards to hardware and performance specifications, in many cases surpassing the “expensive models” while taking every step necessary to reduce purchase, operational and future costs. 

The Partner MK4 is also highly robust and has longevity at the core of its design with a greatly reduced number of weak points that prevent the need for constant repairs. 

This will depend on the personal preferences of the management team implementing the system but the core aspect will be how to handle incidents. Depending on the regularity of incidents, you may wish to adopt an immediate debrief after each incident approach where once the train arrives at the station, or if the staff is based at the station, once the incident is over, they report to the office where the footage is downloaded and the incident is reported. Alternatively, for more frequent incidents, simply have everything recorded and downloaded at the end of the shift. 

You can mark incidents with a priority flag in The Partner DEMS to ensure that the footage is not deleted or removed.

This depends entirely how often you are recording footage with the camera. If you only record an incident or two a day, you can keep The Partner MK4 in rotation longer before requiring charging/downloading. Practically this offers more freedom for staff who split their time between two stations and may not always end up at the same station. Settings such as resolution, pre-record and bitrate will also have an effect.

Early adoption of some models have created a sense that all rail body worn cameras look similar with a big screen and/or an articulated lens. This is not true with many companies such as The Partner, Axon and Pinnacle opting for a fixed lens, no screen approach for a large number of reasons.

Somewhere, someone got the notion that a front facing screen de-escalates situations more than a record light does. This took off and the front facing screen has become a sales gimmick. The reality is that a screen is always the first thing to break on a body camera. If you are looking to keep operational costs down, you need to take repairs into account. Making a device smashable is not the best way to ensure longevity.

Another issue with screens is that they are the heaviest, and often most expensive, part of a camera. They not only add costs but if you have to wear a camera day in and day out, you generally want it to be as unobtrusive as possible.

The Partner MK4 did away with its screen in order to get the cost, size and weight where we wanted it.

In order turn off The Partner MK4 body camera, a passenger would have to press the record button for several seconds while maintaining downward pressure. This is difficult to do on someone else’s body without them moving away. Additionally, as The Partner MK4 is a fixed lens camera, the only way to knock the camera down would be to physically tear it from its mount. Either way, it is not an easy task.

The Partner MK4 is very straightforward. You simply need a body camera and the DEMS. The body camera is a single fee and then you own it outright. The Partner DEMS operates off of a single pc lifetime license which means that you do not need to renew it and there are no additional storage fees.

In theory, there is no limit to the number of body cameras that train staff could use simultaneously. You would still need to download and and charge the cameras but as long as you have facilities to do this then there is no limit. A single PC running the DEMS could potentially have dozens of cameras downloading if connected to several multi-docks and if it has enough storage and USB ports.

Cloud storage based Digital Evidence Management Software has become all the rage in the last few years. Cloud storage just means that the files and the software are stored on a server in a data centre rather than a physical computer in front of you. If you want to use cloud storage, you need a network connection which either means stable WIFI or cellular data. In many cases network connections are not available and cellular data is prohibitively expensive. In our experience, a local installation is the most cost-effective way to deliver high quality encrypted body camera solutions to our clients.

This all comes down to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Railway businesses that use body cameras need to ensure that they do not violate GDPR by not taking all possible steps to secure any footage recorded by their staff. The biggest issue that companies could face is if footage is recorded and then the camera is taken by unauthorised personal. If it is not encrypted then the company could be liable for a possible data breach.

The Partner DEMS is designed to make life as easy as possible for The Partner MK4 body camera users. Ignoring the download/charge automation, the DEMS is also the best way for users to organise any footage that has been captured by rail guards, rail community officers, gateline staff or anyone who may be deployed with body cameras. It has a clear and accessible footage management page that gives you all the essential information about each file. There is an audit log to preserve the chain of custody. You can make notes on a file for your colleagues and management should you want to and when you need the footage over, you can quickly unencrypt and export it.

One of the great things about The Partner MK4 is that it comes with a KlickFast attachment as standard. KlickFast is the industry standard for locking mechanisms and is widely used around the UK. It is very likely that your existing uniform already has a compatible dock which means that you can use The Partner MK4 with any existing pieces. If your uniform doesn’t already have a KlickFast dock then a very wide selection is available to meet most needs.

The Partner MK4 is fully supported along with the rest of The Partner Body Cameras’ products. All technical support is covered by our Support team who are available Mon through Friday, 9am to 5pm on 01722 444 847.

Have Any Questions?

To arrange an online demonstration, get more information or if you have any questions, please call us on 01722 444 847 or email sales@tpbodycamera.co.uk.
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