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Given the escalating incidents of mistreatment directed at hospital personnel, our latest model, the robust MK4 body camera, serves as a tool in helping keep NHS staff members safe.

Over the last decade, attacks against doctors, nurses and NHS staff have seen a steady increase. As violence in hospitals and clinics increases, so does the need for NHS trusts to protect their staff.

The Partner MK4 Body Camera is a high specification solution that allows for crystal clear video and audio recording.

The Partner MK4 is smaller than front facing screen body cameras which makes it lightweight and unobtrusive

The Partner MK4 is an ideal body camera for doctors or nurses because it is a highly robust, easy to use device that is fully integrated with its own Digital Evidence Management Software.

The Partner DEMS enables the use of encryption and makes the MK4 GDPR compliant, which is a requirement for any NHS Trust looking at body camera solutions.

The Partner MK4 Body Camera for nurses and doctors help ensure their safety by offering clear video that can be used in court or as a deterrent. The MK4 records in up to 1440p or 1080p at 60FPS. It uses advanced noise filtering technology to ensure extremely clear audio on any footage recorded while avoiding interference from background sources.

This NHS body worn camera uses AES256 encryption as well as multiple security features drive masking and password protection. The DEMS software also uses accounts and permission levels to further protect footage from unauthorised access.

The Partner MK4 has an extra large battery (3200mHA) that delivers 100+ hours of standby and up to 15 hours of continuous recording. This allows for this extended doctor or nurse body camera usage, even on long shifts reducing the need for charging.

The Partner MK4 also has a host of additional functionality such as pre and post record, customisable watermarks, a GPS module and more that make it a great choice as an NHS Trust body camera.

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If attacked doctors or nurses need a body camera that can be activated quickly and easily. The Partner MK4 uses front activation through a large button at the centre of the camera .


The Partner MK4 has clear signage on the camera to indicate that recording is in progress. When recording, a red light with show indicating that footage is being captured


The Partner MK4 Body Camera uses H.265 encoding meaning that its 32GB storage can stretch further than ever before and store up to 17 hours of footage depending on resolution.


The Partner MK4 Body Camera records in up to 1440p at 30FPS or 1080p at 60FPS which is QHD and Full HD respectively.


This NHS Trust body camera has excellent audio recording with background filtering technology that can pick up conversations even in a busy hospital.


Working in a hospital or clinic is messy work. The Partner MK4 has an ingress protection rating of IP67 and a robust ABS outer casing.


Essential for all NHS trust body worn cameras, The Partner MK4 is fully GDPR compliant with AES256 encryption, password protection and a full DEMS suite with Audit Log.


Body cameras for security officers will inevitably be used at night or in low-light conditions. The Partner MK4 uses both a CMOS sensor and Infra-red lamps to record in low light.


The Partner MK4 can be used with The Partner Digital Evidence Management Software that automates downloading and allows encrypted footage playback.

The Partner DEMS is a locally installed solution which means that it does not require a network access, cloud storage or WIFI access. It is installed on to a standalone PC and can be used without involving NHS I.T.

The Partner DEMS has a host of features including the ability to watch encrypted footage, an Audit Log, permissions and access control, video footage annotations as well as the ability to export & unencrypt footage.

The Partner DEMS also automates camera downloading and charging for doctors or nurses. Simply slot The Partner MK4 Body Camera in the solo or multi-dock and away you go.

The Partner MK4 Body Worn Camera

£220.00 (excl VAT)
The Partner MK4 is the industry leading security body camera that is used by officers, private companies and government on sites across the UK. It offers AES256 Encryption, 1440p video and crystal clear audio recording, an IP67 rating, a very wide range of features and is fully integrated into its own Digital Evidence Management Software(DEMS).

This security body worn camera is GDPR compliant and one of the few locally installed solutions with no on-going costs still available.

The Partner MK4 Body Worn Camera

£220.00 (excl VAT)

The Partner MK4 body camera for doctors, nurses and all NHS staff is a cutting edge tool in the fight against violence. Integrated into The Partner DEMS software, it is fully encrypted and GDPR compliant. 

If you wish to use The Partner DEMS with The Partner MK4 Body Camera, you will need a license. It is a lifetime license (no renewals) per computer which means you can run as many body cameras at one time as you wish. You will only need a second license if you need to run the DEMS on two different computers.

The Partner MK4 Body Worn Camera

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about The Partner MK4 Body Camera or The Partner DEMS, please call us on 01722 444 847, Mon - Friday, 9am to 5pm.
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Aside from its crystal clear video and audio recording, The Partner MK4 is highly rugged and is not afraid of liquids, bodily fluids or the odd impact. It can be easily wiped down and does not have a screen to get sticky or smash and has no hinges and crevices for unwanted gunk to get in to. It is also smaller and more lightweight than most of its competitors which helps prevent interference with a doctor or nurse’s daily routine. It is easy to use and offers a very long standby and recording time off a single charge meaning that it can largely be forgotten about until needed by the hospital staff member.

It brings us no joy to say that attacks in hospitals, clinics and surgeries are on the rise with Members of the public sometimes becoming aggressive or violent. Doctor and nurse body cameras are becoming common place in NHS trusts throughout the country, acting both as a deterrent and evidence should an incident occur.  Footage captured during an incident may be necessary evidence to explain why a patient was denied treatment or if they caused physical injury.

This is all down to the size, shape and position of the body worn camera on the member of staff’s person. The lighter and smaller the better. The MK4 measures only 8.15 x 5.58 x 2.3cm and weighs in at only 141g . When mounted on a nurse’s shoulder, it is far less noticeable than some of its larger competitors.

Studies have shown that if a hospital member of staff is wearing a body camera, even if it is turned off, the public are less likely to act in an overly aggressive or confrontational manner. The sad reality is that people tend to behave better when they believe that they are being monitored or that there might be some repercussions for their actions.

The Partner MK4 can be turned on with a simple press of the large central record button but turning it off requires sustained pressure for several seconds. This sustained pressure is difficult to do on someone else’s body so it is unlikely that they would be able to do so. In the unlikely eventuality that they are successful, The Partner MK4 has a pre-record function that will capture the time before the button is pushed again. This will give an unbroken record of the incident.

Screens were originally designed as a user interface to access a body worn camera’s features. They then morphed into a sales gimmick saying that they are necessary to de-escalate conflict. The reality is that screens are the first thing break, they are a pain to clean and they add to the weight of the device significantly. The word leader in body cameras in the USA, Axon, feel the same way we do and do not have screens on their devices. Articulated lenses are similar in that they attract gunk and are a pain to clean while making the camera very easy to disable by simply knocking the lens to far up or down to capture footage.

The Partner MK4 solution is designed to be as cost effective as possible doing away with cloud storage, license renewals and other charges. To run the system, all you need are The Partner MK4 body cameras and a single DEMS license with a PC to run it off. The Partner MK4 system is priced at around half or less the nearest competitor. When looking to equip entire shifts of doctors or nurses with body cameras then this can add up quickly.

There is no limit on how many The Partner MK4 body cameras can be used by a single hospital or clinic at one time. As long as you have sufficient docks and ports on the computer that you are running The Partner DEMS from then the sky is the limit.

A locally installed system, provided that is on a dedicated laptop/computer, does not require network access. This means that you do not need to worry about NHS I.T or how the system will be connected to the WIFI/network. Locally-installed systems are also faster as they use a cabled connection and they do not require sim data charges, cloud storage charges or license renewals.

All footage can be encrypted at the point of creation on The Partner MK4 body camera. It is stored while encrypted and can only be accessed through the use of the DEMS or Cam Manager software. Even if they had access to these pieces of software, they would still need a password to access the file. If they somehow managed to access the footage, it would still be unviewable without the AES Key for decrypt the files. If they had access to The Partner DEMS and had permission to access the footage, the Audit Log would record who accessed it, what they did and when they did it.

This really depends on how often your doctors and nurses record footage and what settings are used. If they only record incidents and only a few happen a day then you should be fine docking the body worn camera every few days. If they use continuous recording, pre-record or high resolutions then it is best to dock every day after a shift.

Generally speak, if doctors or nurses are wearing body cameras all day, they will only turn them on when an incident occurs. Pre-record is normally enabled to capture the build-up to the incident. When an incident occurs, it is reported to the appropriate authority and the body camera is downloaded immediately. Some hospitals opt to wait until the member of staff’s shift has ended and will have all the body cameras downloaded at the end of the shift as a matter of course.

Yes, all The Partner Body Cameras’ products are supported by the The Partner Body Cameras Technical Support team. They can be reached Monday through Friday during work ours on 01722 444 847. Unlike some companies, their team are based in the UK and do not use overseas call centres.

Want to learn more?

If you would like to us to arrange an online demo of The Partner MK4 or The Partner DEMS, please call us on 01722 444 847.

We can also be reached by email at sales@tpbodycamera.co.uk or through our website’s contact form.
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