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The Partner MK4 Body Worn Camera

£220.00 (ex VAT)

The Partner MK4 is one of the best body worn camera UK models available for discerning professionals. It is built with the latest in video and audio recording technology (1440p or 1080p at 60FPS/AES256 Encryption/H.265 Encoding/15 metre nightvision/IP67) and is fully GDPR compliant.

The Partner MK4 Body Worn Camera is fully integrated into The Partner DEMS software which allows for the automatic downloading and the viewing of encrypted footage.

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Advanced Recording Quality
This body worn camera offers crystal clear video and audio recording with users able choose their preferred resolution with up to 1440p QHD recording. The Partner MK4 is also one of the few devices on the market that is able to record at 60FPs in 1080p making it one of the best body worn camera UK models for professional users.
GDPR Compliant AES256 Encryption
The Partner MK4 Body Worn Camera has AES256 encryption capability which makes it GDPR compliant. Footage is encrypted at the time of recording and then transferred and stored, all while still being encrypted. This means that if any files are intercepted by stealing the camera or the computer that the footage is stored on, the footage will still be secured.
Digital Evidence Management Software Integrated
The Partner MK4 Body Worn Camera is integrated with the Partner DEMS Software. DEMS users can efficiently organize and access their files, while maintaining an audit log that tracks all downloads and modifications made to the files. The software supports viewing and decryption of encrypted footage, enabling easy sharing with law enforcement agencies.To ensure security, the software is fully password protected and allows for the creation of user accounts with customizable access levels. This allows administrators to control and track user actions within the system. The DEMS license is based on a per-computer model, providing a lifetime license for the software. This means that once installed, multiple Partner MK4 body cameras can be used without the need for additional license purchases.
Exceptional Audio Recording and Still Frame Photos
It also has some of the best body worn camera audio available in the UK, using noise filtering technology that isolates foreground sound while eliminating background noise. This device is equipped with a CMOS 4MP OV4689 sensor and can take high quality 32M still frame photos.
Wide Angle Lens with Extra Long Infra-Red Range
This body worn camera has a wide, 140° lens angle which allows for the easy capture of footage from both sides of the body. It has built in low-light and infra-red functionality which will allow it to capture footage in the dark at an impressive range of 15 metres.
Long Battery Life & Cutting Edge Encoding
The Partner MK4 uses the latest encoding technology (H.265) which allows it to store more footage than ever before including up to 11 hours at 1080p. It also has an extra-large 3200mAH battery that can allow for up to 15 hours of continuous recording.
Highly Configurable
The Partner MK4 Body Worn Camera is highly configurable and has a host a features including extra-long pre-record, post record, stealth mode, motion detecting mode, dashcam mode and more. It has a customizable watermark that will allow you to add the Device ID and Officer Number to all footage. It includes a GPS module that will automatically burn GPS coordinates on to all footage if selected.
Ultra Robust
The Partner MK4 body worn camera UK model is designed to be a highly robust, self-contained unit. It has an IP67 rating for water and egress protection and has been drop tested to 1.8m. Unlike the MK3, this model has done away with the screen on the back which not only removes a natural weak point in the camera but also helps prevent unauthorised access to the footage. The Partner MK4 Body Worn Camera has an anti-tamper design with no removable components such as memory or battery.
What is Included?
The Partner MK4 comes with a KlickFast stud as standard which means that it can be used with your existing equipment straight out of the box. The camera ships with the afore mentioned stud, a crocodile clip, a solo-dock for charging and downloading, a USB cable and a software USB.
Length 8.15cm
Width 5.58cm
Height 2.3cm
Weight 141g
Activation Front Activation
Recording Resolutions Up to 1440p (30 FPS) / 1080p (60FPS)
Photo Resolutions 32M, 16M,12M, 4M
Encryption GDPR Compliant AES256 Encryption
Password Protection Yes
Video File Format MP4 (H.265/H.264)
Field of View 140° Degree Wide Angle
Watermark Fully Configurable
Night-vision Automatic Infrared with 15m range
Pre Record 60 – 120 Seconds
Post Record 5/10/20/30/60 Seconds
Battery Size Built-in 3200mAH Lithium Polymer
Battery Life (Continuous Recording) Up to 1080p/12 Hours, 720p/13 Hours, 480p/15Hours
Battery Life (Standby) 100+ Hours
Memory Storage 32GB
Storage Hours (H.265) Up to 1080p/11hours , 720p/17hour
GPS Module Yes
Screen No Screen
Connectivity USB Type C Port
Chipset Ambarella H22
CMOS Sensor 4MP OV4689
Operating Temperature From -30° to +55°
Storage Temperature From -40° to +60°
Water and Dust Rating IP67
Drop Test 1.8 Metres
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year

The Partner MK4 Trailer:


The Partner MK4 DEMS Explainer:


The Partner MK4 Explainer: 

The Partner MK4 Body Worn Video Camera Brochure

The Partner MK4 Body Worn Camera User Manual

The Partner MK4 DEMS User Manual

Weight 141 kg
Dimensions 8.15 × 5.58 × 2.3 cm


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