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KlickFast Body Worn Camera Harness (3-Point)

£18.75 (ex VAT)

This KlickFast bodycam harness is a highly robust, professional grade strap for The Partner MK4 body camera or any compatible device. It is suitable for both left and right-handed users, doesn’t obstruct the wearer while working and is fully adjustable.

This body worn camera harness is made the UK and is compatible with all official KlickFast docks and female connectors.

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KlickFast BodyCam Harness
The KlickFast Body Worn Camera Harness (3-Point) is designed to securely fasten body cameras, radios, and other compatible devices using the official KlickFast dock. The KlickFast System is well-known for its efficient and dependable functionality, making it a popular choice throughout the UK. This system enables quick and hassle-free device attachment while providing a secure lock, effectively reducing the likelihood of accidental drops. By utilizing the KlickFast Chest Harness for Body Cameras, users can confidently keep their essential equipment firmly in place, allowing them to concentrate on their tasks without any concerns.
Chest/Shoulder Position for Dock
This Klickfast bodycam harness is engineered to position the docking station between the chest and the shoulder, offering a versatile middle-ground between center chest and shoulder harnesses. This unique design provides users with the advantages of enhanced freedom of movement across the front of the body, striking a balance without being excessively offset to one side. The positioning of the docking station in this manner ensures optimal accessibility and convenience while maintaining a comfortable and balanced wearing experience.
Greater Mobility
This bodycam worn camera harness shares similarities with a traditional shoulder holster harness, primarily in terms of the docking station’s position, which allows unrestricted movement across the user’s midsection. This design consideration is especially crucial for individuals who are engaged in manual tasks or may face potential risks of altercations as part of their duties.
Suitable for Left-Handed Users
Unlike most traditional shoulder mounted bodycam harnesses that are primarily designed for right-handed individuals, the KlickFast Body Worn Camera Harness (3-Point) offers a unique advantage. Its’ main bodycam strap can be worn on either the left or right side of the head, making it a suitable alternative for left-handed users who prefer a shoulder-positioned dock.
Durable All-Weather Straps
This KlickFast bodycam harness utilises durable all-weather straps constructed from high-quality polyester to securely fasten the docking station on the body. These bodycam straps are specifically designed to withstand various weather conditions and demanding environments. Crafted with a tightly woven structure, they offer exceptional strength and resilience.
High Impact Nylon Pressure Clips
The KlickFast Body Worn Camera Harness (3-Point) features high-impact nylon pressure clips as the means of securing the straps in place. These clips are designed for swift and effortless usage, allowing users to easily fasten them by simply pushing them into a locked position. When it comes to releasing the clips, users can conveniently apply pressure to the button located in the center of the lock, enabling a quick and hassle-free detachment of the bodycam straps.
Adjustable for a Comfortable fit
This KlickFast body worn camera harness is comprised of three bodycam straps and a dock, providing a secure and versatile wearing solution. Two of the straps wrap around the waist, while the third strap extends over the chest and shoulder area. Each strap is independently adjustable and allows allows users to customize the fit and ensure optimal comfort based on their individual preferences.
One Size Fits All
This bodycam harness is designed to be unisex, suitable for both men and women. Its highly adjustable nature allows for a wide range of body sizes to be accommodated. While the generally accepted size range for this harness is from small to XX-Large, it’s important to consider that the fit may vary depending on individual body shapes.
Made in Britain
The KlickFast Body Worn Camera Harness (3-Point) like all official Peter Jones KlickFast products, is proudly manufactured at their factory in the United Kingdom. This location ensures that the production process adheres to the highest quality standards set by Peter Jones, guaranteeing a product of exceptional quality and reliability.
Shoulder Strap Length 30″
Waist Strap Length 40″
Strap Width 25mm
Weight 120g
Colour Black
Material Polyester Straps, Nylon Clips, Nylon Dock
Adjustable Yes
Elasticated Straps No
Detatchable Straps No
Size One Size (Fits S – XXL)
Dock Compatibility KlickFast
Dock Placement Between Chest and Shoulder
Clips Plastic Pressure Clips
Suitable For Body Cameras, Radios
Clothing Restrictions Blazers, Suit Jackets

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Weight 141 kg
Dimensions 8.15 × 5.58 × 2.3 cm


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