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KlickFast Magnetic Body Camera Mount (DOCKMAGNET)

£41.00 (ex VAT)

The KlickFast Magnetic Body Camera Mount (DOCKMAGNET) uses 8 extremely powerful magnets to attach itself to clothing and uniforms without damaging them. This Klick Fast magnet mount is ideal for body cameras as you can place it almost anywhere on the body to get the recording angle of choice. This is an official Peter Jones item and magnets ARE included.

Not Recommend for use with people that have pacemakers.

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KlickFast Magnetic Garment Dock for Body Cameras
The KlickFast Magnetic Body Camera Mount (DOCKMAGNET) is part of the KlickFast system, offering a convenient solution to securely fasten compatible devices in place. To attach the dock, simply affix the mount to your uniform or garment of choice. Once in position, slide the male connector of the compatible device into the dock, ensuring a snug fit and rotate 180 degrees.
8 Ultra-Powerful Magnets
This Klick Fast magnetic mount incorporates eight remarkably powerful magnets strategically positioned in each corner of the dock. These magnets surpass the strength of magnets found in other Peter Jones magnetic garment docks, offering enhanced security and reliability.
Does Not Damage Uniforms or Leave Holes
This Klick Fast magnet mount offers a hassle-free solution for attaching essential equipment like body cameras to uniforms or clothing. With this innovative dock, there is no need for screws or invasive attachments that could damage the garment. Ideal for those whose uniforms require changing often or who need to share mounts with other team members.
Highly Robust Magnet Dock
The KlickFast Magnetic Body Camera Mount (DOCKMAGNET) is meticulously crafted using high-grade, damage-resistant nylon, ensuring exceptional durability and reliability. This choice of material guarantees that the dock can withstand rigorous use and harsh conditions without compromising its performance.
Freedom of Placement Choice
The versatility of this Klick Fast magnetic mount is indeed one of its greatest advantages. This docks offer the flexibility to mount them on various locations on your clothing or uniform, as long as there is a suitable flat surface area available. With the ability to mount the dock anywhere on your body, you have the freedom to position it in the most convenient and accessible spot for your specific needs.
Works with all official KlickFast Attachments
This garment retro dock is fully compatible with all official KlickFast male connectors. This means that any genuine Peter Jones studs or docks can be securely attached to the dock.
Made in Britain
Peter Jones ILG is a highly regarded British manufacturer known for their world-class equipment. They take pride in producing all of their products at their factory located in England including the KlickFast Magnetic Garment Dock for Body Cameras (DOCKMAGNET).
Caution should be exercised when using this KlickFast garment retro dock due to the powerful magnets it employs. Individuals with pacemakers installed should refrain from using this product to avoid any potential interference. Given the strong magnetic attraction, users should handle the dock with care during application. The magnets can rapidly attract each other when brought too close, potentially causing unintended snapping or pinching. Keep the KlickFast magnetic garment dock away from electronic devices such as phones or laptops. 
Length 11cm
Width 9.4cm
Height 1.8cm
Weight 160g
Colour Black
Material Nylon
Magnet Material neodymium
Magnets Included Yes
Number of Magnets 8
Size One Size Fits All
Dock Compatibility KlickFast
Dock Placement Anywhere
Suitable For Body Cameras, Radios, Torches and other equipment
Clothing Restrictions None
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year
Health Warning Do not use if you have a pacemaker installed

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Weight 141 kg
Dimensions 8.15 × 5.58 × 2.3 cm


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