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The Partner MK4 Body Camera Crocodile Clip

£7.00 (ex VAT)

The Partner MK4 Body Camera Crocodile Clip provides a robust, hands-free solution for securely mounting your MK4 body-worn camera. Tailored for professionals in law enforcement, security, and beyond, its sturdy build guarantees reliability and durability.

With effortless attachment to clothing or gear and weighing just 20g, this clip offers optimal positioning for capturing essential footage comfortably and confidently, without impeding the wearer’s movement. This Crocodile clip is only compatible with The Partner MK4 Body Camera.

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Crocodile Clip for The Partner MK4 Body Camera
This body camera crocodile clip is an accessory designed for the MK4 body worn camera. It serves as an attachment method, allowing users to securely fasten the camera to their clothing or uniform. Typically made from lightweight materials like plastic and aluminium, the crocodile clip features a spring-loaded mechanism for easy attachment and a secure grip.
This body camera crocodile clip features a spring-loaded mechanism that allows the serrated jaws of the clip to open and close easily. This spring-loaded design enables the clip to firmly grasp onto shirts, uniforms, collars, and shirt pockets.
Lightweight and Durable
Crafted from lightweight plastic and aluminium, The Partner MK4 Crocodile Clip offers comfortability during extended periods. Its plastic construction ensures resilience against various weather conditions while maintaining a reliable grip and it can withstand everyday wear and tear.
Easy to Use
This body camera crocodile clip provides a simple attachment solution, enabling wearers to effortlessly affix it to both the MK4 body camera and their uniform or clothing item. This accessory provides convenience and flexibility for users who need to wear the body camera during their activities, such as law enforcement officers, security personnel, or field researchers.
Compact Design
The Partner MK4 Body Camera Crocodile Clip offers a compact and low-profile attachment solution, minimizing space usage on the wearer’s uniform. The crocodile clip offers moveability and more freedom of placement over other types of clips, studs, and harnesses.
Proudly British Brand
For over a decade, the Partner Brand has been a prominent name in the security industry with body worn cameras on hundreds of sites around the UK. Based in England, The Partner Body Cameras is proudly British.
Total length 2.5cm
Total Width 1.5cm
Total Height 1cm
Weight 20g
Colour Black
Material Plastic and Aluminium
Camera Compatibility The Partner MK4 Body Camera
Serrated Jaws Yes
Spring-loaded Yes

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 2.5 × 1.5 × 1 cm


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