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KlickFast Shoulder Body Cam Harness (Holster-Style)

£20.00 (ex VAT)

The KlickFast Shoulder Harness for Body Cameras (Holster) is a great choice for mounting your body camera as it does not obstruct your movement and allows you full mobility across the front of your body. It sits on the left shoulder and is made with genuine, high-quality leather.

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Holster Style Design and Stable Placement on Left Shoulder
The holster-style design of this KlickFast body cam harness ensures that your body camera remains securely in place on the left shoulder. This allows users to focus on their tasks without the distraction of excessive camera movement. This positioning facilitates easy access to the camera while keeping it stable during physical activities.
Made from High-Quality Bovine Leather
This body cam harness distinguishes itself from other KlickFast shoulder harnesses by being crafted from high-quality bovine leather. This choice of material offers a combination of durability, water resistance, and a soft, comfortable feel, making it an ideal option for extended periods of wear.
No Obstruction Across the Front of the Body
The KlickFast Shoulder Body Cam Harness (Holster-Style) employs elasticated straps positioned around the back to securely fasten the dock in place on the left shoulder as opposed to across the front. This leaves the full front of the body unobstructed, providing users with unhindered access to their workspace and enabling them to carry out manual tasks with ease.
Elasticated, Adjustable Straps
This body camera shoulder harness has elasticated support straps that are easily adjustable and can be set to a user’s desired size. The body of the harness also has an adjustable, elasticated strap which can be used to achieve the desired tightness around the shoulder.
Suitable for Use with Blazers/Suits
One limitation of harnesses that are secured across the front of the wearer is their compatibility with suit jackets and blazers. This is where the KlickFast Shoulder Body Cam Harness (Holster-Style) stands out and has gained popularity among users who incorporate suit jackets or blazers as part of their uniform. Unlike front-secured harnesses, this shoulder harness is secured across the back, making it more suitable for use with such attire.
Made in the United Kingdom
This body camera shoulder harness, along with all other official Peter Jones KlickFast products, is proudly manufactured at their dedicated factory located in the United Kingdom. This deliberate choice of production location ensures that the entire manufacturing process adheres to the stringent quality standards established by Peter Jones.
Weight 107g
Colour Black
Material Real Leather, Elastic Straps and Nylon Dock
Adjustable Yes
Elasticated Straps Yes
Detatchable Straps No
Size On Size Fits All up to 2XL
Dock Compatibility KlickFast
Dock Placement Left Shoulder
Clips Nylon Pressure Clips
Suitable For Body Cameras and Radios
Clothing Restrictions None
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year

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Weight 141 kg
Dimensions 8.15 × 5.58 × 2.3 cm


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