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Universal Body Cam Magnetic Mount

£24.00 (ex VAT)

This magnetic body camera mount offers a low-cost alternative to the popular KlickFast magnet docks. Designed to be compatible with most modern body camera’s crockodile clip attachments, this device can be used with a much wider range of body worn cameras.

Unlike other models that use hard plastic, the Universal Magnet Dock is made from black silica which is flexible, soft and contours to the body.

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Body Cam Magnetic Mount for Use with Crocodile Clips
This body camera magnet mount, a practical solution for conveniently securing body cams onto various points of uniforms. The mount facilitates attachment by utilizing the standard crocodile/uniform clip of the body camera. Its functionality is simple: the two sides of the magnetic mount can be fastened, effectively gripping a section of the user’s uniform in between.
Decent Strength Magnets
The Universal Body Cam Magnetic Mount employs 6 strong neodymium magnets to secure its dual layers together. The magnets secure the dock in place and can easily support the weight of most modern body cameras of standard proportions.
Flexible, Soft Silica Frame
Crafted from durable and pliable black silica, this body camera magnet mount has the ability to flex along the body’s contours, particularly when positioned adjacent to joints or areas needing a broader range of motion.
Freedom of Placement
Enabling users an extended degree of flexibility concerning mounting placement, the Universal Body Cam Magnetic Mount distinguishes itself from harnesses or location-constrained docks such as belt loops. It grants users the capability to mount their body cameras to any region of the body with a sufficient surface area.
Won’t Damage Uniforms
Given its non-reliance on screws, hooks, or other intrusive fasteners, this body camera magnetic mount poses no risk of uniform damage. This characteristic ensures its adaptability across various clothing items, providing the freedom to choose based on preference or cleaning cycles.
Quick Deployment and Release
The deployment of the Universal Body Cam Magnetic Mount is a swift process, requiring only a matter of moments. Users can effortlessly position the two layers onto opposing sides of the uniform and press them together. Subsequently, inserting the crocodile clip into the designated gap completes the setup, ensuring immediate readiness for use.
Widely Used Product
This body camera magnetic mount is a well-known white-label product and has widespread availability in the UK under different brand names. Despite variations in branding, all these iterations originate from a shared overseas manufacturing facility.
Made in China
Made in China, the Universal Body Cam Magnetic Mount is produced by a reputable manufacturer specializing in body camera accessories.
Utilizing powerful magnets, body camera magnet mount has the potential to create interference with electronic devices. This aspect can lead to complications for individuals with implanted pacemakers. In cases involving such medical devices, it is advisable to prioritize safety and refrain from using the mount to prevent any possible adverse effects.
Weight 150g
Length 120mm
Width 100mm
Height 20mm
Colour Black/Grey
Frame and Dock Material Sylica
Magnet Material Neodymium
Magnets Included Yes
Number of Magnets 6
Size One Size Fits All
Dock Compatibility Crocodile/Uniform Clip
Dock Placement Anywhere
Suitable For Body Cameras, Radios
Standard Clothing Restrictions None
Warranty 12 Months
Health Warnings Do not use if you have a pacemaker

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