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KlickFast Anti-Tilt Dock Body Camera Mount (DOCKCLAMP)

£7.28 (ex VAT)

The KlickFast Anti-Tilt Dock Body Camera Mount (DOCKCLAMP) is designed to prevent body cameras from leaning forward when they are clipped into a pocket. This KlickFast anti-tilt dock helps ensure that the camera is aimed where you want it to be. Compatible will all official Peter Jones KlickFast studs.

Also known as the Klick Fast Dock Clamp, it is made from high impact nylon and produce in the United Kingdom.

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KlickFast Body Camera Mount
The KlickFast Anti-Tilt Dock Body Camera Mount (DOCKCLAMP) provides a convenient solution for securely attaching body worn cameras to uniforms. Unlike other KlickFast Docks, this mount does not require permanent fixation to the uniform, offering a quick and easy attachment process. This body camera mount is specifically designed to ensure stability, minimizing any potential tilting or movement of the attached device
Backward Support to Prevent Tilting
This KlickFast anti-tilt dock features a unique design that effectively addresses the issue of forward tilt commonly experienced with standard clips. Its elongated frame incorporates a raised support at the bottom, strategically positioned to apply pressure against the body and maintain a level position for the attached device.
Tight, Secure Pressure Clip
KlickFast Anti-Tilt Dock Body Camera Mount (DOCKCLAMP) utilizes a spring clamp clip mechanism for easy attachment to pockets and uniforms. The spring within the clamp is tightly wound, generating substantial downward pressure to firmly secure the dock in place. Both sides of the clamp’s contact points feature a “crocodile” pattern for extra grip.
Attaches to Pockets
This KlickFast anti-tilt dock allows it to be attached to most pockets which enables users to utilize the dock with a variety of garments and uniforms that may not be suitable for sew-on or screw-on KlickFast docks. The clamp’s design allows it to securely grip onto different materials and structures, ensuring a reliable attachment point for the dock.
7 Angles and Locking Positions
The KlickFast Anti-Tilt Dock Body Camera Mount (DOCKCLAMP), like all KlickFast docks, offers users the flexibility of seven locking positions. Whether you prefer a 45° angle or a 90° angle when mounting a body camera, this KlickFast Anti-Tilt Dock provides the necessary locking positions to accommodate your desired setup. This feature ensures that users can position the device at the most suitable angle for their specific requirements, enabling optimal recording and capturing of footage.
High Impact Nylon Dock
The KlickFast dock clamp is constructed using high-impact nylon, ensuring exceptional durability and longevity. This robust material is specifically chosen for its ability to withstand the rigors of continuous use in demanding environments. With its sturdy construction, the DOCKCLAMP offers reliable performance even in high-intensity situations.
Fits All Official KlickFast Male Connectors
The KlickFast Anti-Tilt Dock Body Camera Mount (DOCKCLAMP) is designed to be compatible with all official KlickFast studs (male connectors). There is no size difference between all genuine KlickFast products enabling you to use it with your existing equipment.
Made in the UK
The KlickFast dock clamp is proudly manufactured by Peter Jones, a leading provider of professional locking systems in the United Kingdom. With a reputation as the industry standard, Peter Jones is known for producing high-quality equipment.
Length 13.5cm
Width 4cm
Height 2.5cm
Weight 55g
Colour Black
Material Nylon
Dock Compatibility KlickFast
Dock Placement Pockets, Shirts, Jackets
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year

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Weight 141 kg
Dimensions 8.15 × 5.58 × 2.3 cm


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