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The Partner MK4 Body Camera Docking Station

£360.00 (ex VAT)

This 10-port body camera docking station is for use with The Partner MK4 Body Worn Camera. It allows users to download and charge up to 10 body cams simultaneously. It only requires a single USB port to connect to laptop of computer

The Partner MK4 Body Camera Docking Station comes with a The Partner DEMS lifetime single computer license. This means that you do not need to buy a separate DEMS license with your body camera if you buy this.

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The Partner MK4 Body Camera Docking Station
This robust bodycam docking station for The Partner MK4 Body Worn Camera features 10 ports and is designed to work seamlessly with The Partner DEMS software. This advanced body camera accessory simplifies device management for users operating in multi-camera environments. Effortlessly place you’re the Partner MK4 body camera into any of the ports for convenient charging, downloading and clearing for a streamlined work-flow.
Automated Download of up to 10 Cameras
Distinguished from the more prevalent 6-port and 8-port alternatives offered by other brands, The Partner MK4 Body Camera Docking Station stands out by accommodating the docking of up to 10 body worn cameras simultaneously. This convenient device enables users to initiate sequential downloads by simply leaving their cameras docked, effectively granting them the freedom to allocate their time to other essential tasks.
Fast Charging and Rapid Download USB 3.0 Connectivity
Employing a USB 3.0 connection, in contrast to the more prevalent USB 2.0, The Partner MK4 Body Camera Docking Station facilitates data transfer at a significantly accelerated rate, approximately ten times faster than USB 2.0. This enhanced speed ensures swift downloads to the DEMS software, optimizing your workflow. Additionally, this device supports The Partner MK4 Body Worn Camera’s rapid charging capability, completing a full battery charge in under four hours, ensuring efficient device readiness.
Includes Free The Partner DEMS License
Included with  this body worn camera docking station is a free lifetime license for The Partner MK4 DEMS software. The license applies to a single PC and offers unlimited capacity for accommodating multiple devices. The DEMS software provides a comprehensive range of functionalities, allowing you to efficiently manage your files. It automatically decrypts and plays back footage, while also maintaining an audit log that tracks who has accessed or deleted specific footage.
Rugged, Robust Body Camera Dock
Crafted with durability in mind, this bodycam docking station boasts a robust metal casing that underscores its rugged design. Weighing over 4.3 kilograms, this sturdy accessory stands out for its substantial build quality, setting it apart from more delicate plastic body camera docks. Furthermore, it features four protective pads at the bottom, thoughtfully designed to safeguard surfaces from any potential scratches.
Simplify Cable Management
Even though the Partner MK4 Body Worn Cameras are equipped with individual solo-docks, managing a substantial number of body cameras simultaneously can sometimes lead to clutter and confusion. The Partner MK4 Body Camera Docking Station effectively streamlines this process, minimizing the need for numerous USB cables and individual solo-docks that might prove cumbersome in a bustling security office.
What is included?
This 1- port body worn camera docking station package includes the docking station itself, a USB cable, and a power lead for your convenience.
Length 37.7CM
Width 21.4CM
Height 11CM
Weight 4.34KG
Case Material Metal
USB Connection USB 3.0
Transfer Speed 4.8 Gbit/s (600MBps)
Number of Ports 10
Power Cable Included Yes
USB Cable Included Yes
Camera Download Yes
Camera Charging Yes
Fast Charging Yes
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year
Includes DEMS License Yes

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Weight 141 kg
Dimensions 8.15 × 5.58 × 2.3 cm


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