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KlickFast Stud for The Partner MK4 Body Camera

£7.00 (ex VAT)

The KlickFast Stud for The Partner MK4 Body Camera has been made to be compatible with all KlickFast docks offering a range of mounting solutions. Made from high impact nylon and just weighing 10g, this KlickFast stud can be used for prolonged periods and handle harsh weather conditions.

With 7 locking positions and a secure fastening mechanism, it caters to the needs of security officers, law enforcement personnel, government professionals, and beyond, offering reliability and peace of mind in various operational environments. This KlickFast Stud is only compatible with The Partner MK4 Body Camera.


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KlickFast MK4 Stud
This KlickFast stud has been made to be compatible with The Partner MK4 body camera and all KlickFast docks. This stud serves as a male connector and is inserted into the rear of your MK4 body camera, then seamlessly mounted onto the KlickFast dock in the same manner as similar locking mechanisms.
Tough Design
Made from high impact nylon and backed with an aluminium clip, this KlickFast stud is highly durable and can handle everyday wear and tear and be used in adverse weather conditions. The stud is removeable and can be switched out regularly should you require.
7 Locking Positions
Like other KlickFast attachments, the KlickFast Stud for the MK4 features seven locking positions, granting you the freedom to position your mounted device exactly as you wish. Whether you opt for a 45° or 90° angle on your body camera this docking system enables you to effortlessly achieve your desired configuration.
Secure Fastening
The KlickFast System ensures a reliable lock for your device, eliminating the risk of accidental detachment. To remove the device, deliberate action is required: it must be rotated a full 180 degrees and then lifted; it won’t disengage from the dock on its own. This design guarantees that your body camera or device stays securely in position and can only be forcibly detached if the entire dock is forcibly separated from the harness or clothing to which it’s attached.
Quick Deployment
The KlickFast System is widely acclaimed as the industry standard for locking mechanisms, particularly for radios and body cameras. Its renown stems from its capacity to securely anchor devices while facilitating rapid deployment. Utilizing it is straightforward: simply insert the male connector into the KlickFast dock upside down and rotate it 180 degrees, promptly ensuring a steadfast grip on your device.
Fits All Real KlickFast Docks
This KlickFast stud has been manufactured by The Partner Body Camera to be compatible with all KlickFast Docks. If you already have a stud and plan to use it with a KlickFast dock, please ensure it is a genuine Peter Jones KlickFast dock to avoid disappointment.
Well-Known UK Brand
The Partner Body Camera are a well-known UK based company that has been supplying body cameras and mounting solutions to the security industry for well over a decade.
Length 3.5cm
Width 2cm
Hight 2cm
Weight 10g
Connector KlickFast
Material High Impact Nylon & Aluminium
Compatibility The Partner MK4 Body Camera
Attachment Type Slide On

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