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The Partner DEMS Body Camera Software License

£125.00 (ex VAT)

The Partner Digital Evidence Management Software for The Partner MK4 Body Camera is a GDPR compliant, locally installed, encrypted body worn video management suite with a host of features. This body camera software system allows you to watch footage while encrypted, automates the bodycam download process, maintains an audit log to preserve the chain of custody and more.

The Partner DEMS is locally-installed which means that it stores all the footage on a physical computer on-site. It requires no network access and can be installed on an isolated laptop if needed. The Partner DEMS body camera software requires no ongoing fees or license renewals. For The Partner MK4 Body Camera ONLY. The Partner DEMS license comes on a USB key and does not include any body cameras or a PC.

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Viewing Encrypted Footage
This body camera software allows you to easily and swiftly play encrypted body-worn video footage using the built-in DEMS player. This player does not unencrypt the footage in order to play which means that your data is secure at all times on the hard drive.
Automated Downloads
The Partner DEMS body camera software automatically downloads and clear footage from any plugged-in The Partner MK4 Body Camera. With traditional plug & play cameras, you would have to copy the files from the camera manually using file explorer and then delete the copies on the camera to clear space. This bodycam software does all of that for you.
Meticulous Audit Log
This feature records all actions undertaken in The Partner DEMS body worn camera software. Whether it is who logged in, who watched what footage or tried to delete something, this body camera digital evidence management software keeps a record. This helps maintain the chain of custody for use as evidence in trials.
Effortless Decryption and Export
Export encrypted body-worn video footage in standard file formats without encryption for seamless transfer to authorities. These exported files will be playable using widely available free media players such as VLC.
User and Permission Control
The Partner DEMS body worn camera software allows you to create users accounts with varying levels of access. You can create accounts for just downloading footage or allow for limited viewing and no editing should you require. This allows you to prevent unauthorized access while tracking the actions of various users through the system.
Locally-Installed Body Worn Camera Software
The Partner DEMS stores all body-worn video footage locally on PC or laptop, requiring no internet or network access. This is ideal for sites where the IT departments are particularly safety conscious. Being a local installation also means that you do not need to worry about mobile data or signal strength as the footage is simply downloaded when the camera is plugged in to the PC which is normally in the control room.
No Ongoing Costs or Fees
The Partner DEMS body camera software is designed to be a cost-effective solution and requires no renewals or storage fees. The license is a lifetime license for a single PC and being locally installed, there are no cloud or data charges.
File Annotations
Users are able to make small notes on video files in order to find them quickly from the search bar and recognize them in the file manage section. These notes can be details of an incident or anything else of note.
Freeze Frame Exploration
With the Partner DEMS player, navigate through footage with second-level precision for enhanced identification. The player bar moves second by second, allowing you to select the frame that best helps you identify the suspect.
User Friendly Interface
The Partner DEMS is intuitively designed, requiring minimal training to operate and manage effectively.
Life-Time Single PC License Yes
Audit Log Yes
Automated Downloads Yes
Encrypted Video Player Yes
Decryption and Export Yes
Locally-Installed Yes
Requires Internet Access No
Requires Network Access No
Cloud Storage No
Ongoing Fees or Renewals No
Compatible with PC Yes
Compatible with MAC No

The Partner MK4 Trailer:


The Partner DEMS Body Camera Software Explainer:


The Partner MK4 Explainer Video:

The Partner DEMS Body Camera Software User Manual

The Partner MK4 Body Worn Video Camera Brochure

The Partner MK4 Body Worn Camera User Manual


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