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KlickFast Epaulette Dock for Body Cameras

£6.93 (ex VAT)

The KlickFast Epaulette Dock for Body Cameras offers a secure and compact solution for affixing body cameras and radios to the epaulettes of shirts and jackets. Its adjustable strap length ensures comfortable placement on the upper chest region.

This body camera holder is made with leather for the strap and high impact nylon for the dock. Like all Peter Jones products, it is made in the UK.

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KlickFast Dock for Body Cameras
The KlickFast Epaulette Dock for Body Cameras features a leather strap equipped with a hook, designed for attachment to epaulettes found on shirts and jackets. Its adjustable strap length facilitates placement on the upper chest, accommodating both body cameras and radios with ease.
Compatible with Standards Epaulettes
The tongue of this body camera holder is crafted to slide through typical epaulettes. It’s inserted by placing the hook over the epaulette’s corner, then securing the leather strap over the top to keep it firmly in place.
Lock Snap Button
The leather strap used in securing the KlickFast Epaulette Dock for Body Cameras is equipped with two metal snap buttons, ensuring a secure closure with a distinctive “click”. These buttons also facilitate customization of the dock’s fit to suit the width of your epaulettes. When dealing with thinner epaulettes, both buttons can be used, whereas thicker ones may only require the second button for proper adjustment.
7 Locking Positions
Every KlickFast Dock offers seven locking positions, enabling you to adjust the angle of your equipment according to your preference. This feature proves especially handy if you have a specific hand preference for activating a radio or body camera.
High-Resistance Nylon Dock
This body worn camera holder integrates leather for its tongue and straps, while the dock component is crafted from high-impact nylon. Made to withstand diverse weather conditions, it boasts durability and resilience to endure substantial wear and tear.
Fits All Official KlickFast Studs
All KlickFast Male and Female connectors are the same size, ensuring that the KlickFast Epaulette Dock for Body Cameras has compatibility with all KlickFast studs and mounts created by Peter Jones, the innovator behind the KlickFast Locking System.
Made in the UK
Peter Jones, a renowned British brand, is a firmly established company that manufactures all its docks and studs right here in the United Kingdom, including the KlickFast Epaulette Dock for Body Cameras.
Length 165mm
Thickness 15mm (at thickest point)
Weight 40g
Epaulette Tongue Width 55mm
Dock Width 52mm
Colour Black
Materials Leather, High-Impact Nylon
Dock Placement Lapels
Dock Compatibility KlickFast
Manufacturer Warranty 12 Months

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Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 16.5 × 5.2 × 2.0 cm


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