Which Body Camera Harness, Body Worn Camera Clip or Dock is Right for You?

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If you are looking to secure your body camera, there are a wide range of options available to you. Whether you want to additional security of a body cam harness or the quick accessibility of a magnetic body camera mount, understanding the benefits offered by each is important.

Table of Contents

What are the main types of mounting solutions available for body cameras?

Several mounting choices exist, such as KlickFast docks, pressure clips, crocodile clips, and magnetic body worn cams mount, which secures body cameras to garments like vests, shirt pockets, collars etc, allowing for more freedom of choice.

Most of these attachments are produced by body cam manufacturers or third-party companies. Only the KlickFast change is truly branded, being available from one manufacturer, Peter Jones.

Peter Jones offers a comprehensive range of KlickFast attachment solutions designed for professionals in law enforcement, security, emergency services, and various other industries. Another good feature with the KlickFast range is that the sizes are standardized, and all mounts (female connectors) are compatible with all KlickFast studs (male connectors).


These mounts include KlickFast Body Cam harnesses that can be used in various chest/shoulder placements, KlickFast magnetic mounts for quick and easy attachment. There are also KlickFast Belt Loop Docks that can be used to attach torches, radios and body cameras to the user’s belt, KlickFast Sew on Docks that can be sewed onto the wearers uniform, KlickFast Body Camera Molle Mounts that can be attached to PALS, tactical vest, backpacks, and belts.

What are the main considerations when choosing a body camera mounting solution?

When selecting a body camera mount, various factors must be considered. These include placement of the dock, restrictions to movement, comfort during extended wear, durability for daily use in harsh conditions, and compatibility with your clothing or uniform. There is normally a trade-off between any of the above considerations in a particular mount. 

For example, a body camera harness provides a high level of stability and prevents the camera being snatched. It is however slower to put on and more restrictive than something like a Crocodile clip.

A screw on dock is quite secure but it is only as strong as the fabric it is attached to. It can also damage clothing underneath but gives you a lot of freedom on where to place the camera.

Things to remember are:

, Which Body Camera Harness, Body Worn Camera Clip or Dock is Right for You?

Placement of Dock: The more central the better for capturing footage on all sides. If you place it too high, you lose the bottom of the clip, too low, then the opposite. Put it too far to one side and you get a lean effect and may need to pay attention to your body’s positioning when in use to avoid missing part of the scene.

Comfort: You need to think about what it will be like to wear the camera for long periods. Harnesses have the biggest footprint in this regard as they wrap around the body and can feel restrictive. Magnet docks can be quite heavy with lighter offerings like sew-on or screw-on docks being less obtrusive.

Compatibility: Make sure that your uniform can support your chosen mount. Light fabrics are the enemy in this regard as then can just fold onto themselves if the mount/camera are too heavy. Crocodile clips need a lip to attach to, so you need a pocket or radio loops. Screw-on docks are not great for heavy coats as they must screw through the whole padding and both sides. Padded coats also may cause problems for magnet docks as it holds them far apart from each other.

What are body camera crocodile or pressure clips?

Body worn camera crocodile or pressure clips are mounting accessories designed to attach a body camera to clothing or other surfaces using pressure or a clamping mechanism resembling a crocodile’s jaws. These clips typically feature a spring-loaded design that comes with one or two prongs, allowing them to grip onto fabric or straps without the need for adhesive or permanent fixtures.

They provide a convenient and versatile mounting solution, allowing users to quickly attach or detach the camera as needed while ensuring stability during recording. However, they can vary in how tight or sturdy they are. When compared with something like the KlickFast system, pressure clips are significantly less secure against large amounts of force. Generally, speak, they will not prevent someone snatching your camera if that is one of your concerns.


, Which Body Camera Harness, Body Worn Camera Clip or Dock is Right for You?

These types of clips can also be rotatable, fixed, slide on or screwed on and are normally only compatible with the camera they are made for. For example, The Partner MK4 Body Camera comes with a rotatable single-pronged crocodile clip while the Shellfilm H Eye boasts a rotatable two-pronged clip, also compatible with a wide range of clothing items. Neither of these clips can be used by the other camera.

What is the Peter Jones KlickFast locking system?

, Which Body Camera Harness, Body Worn Camera Clip or Dock is Right for You?

The Peter Jones KlickFast locking system is a proprietary mechanism used for securely attaching accessories like body cameras to clothing, belts, and uniforms. It consists of two main components: a male connector and a female connector, commonly referred to as a dock.

The male connector attaches to the accessory, such as a body-worn camera, while the female dock is affixed to the clothing or a uniform. When the male connector is inserted into the female dock and rotated 180 degrees, it locks into place securely, preventing accidental detachment.

The KlickFast locking system is known for its durability, ease of use, and ability to securely hold accessories in place during movement and activity.

How does the Peter Jones KlickFast locking system work?

The Peter Jones KlickFast locking system works through a simple yet effective mechanism that ensures secure attachment of accessories to clothing or equipment.

Here’s how it typically operates:

The accessory, such as a body-worn camera or radio holder, is equipped with a male connector. This connector features a protruding stud or pin that aligns with corresponding slots in the female dock.

The female dock is attached to the clothing, belt, or equipment. It consists of a receptacle with slots or grooves designed to accept the male connector.

To attach the accessory, the user aligns the male connector with the slot in

, Which Body Camera Harness, Body Worn Camera Clip or Dock is Right for You?

 the female dock and inserts it upside down or 180 degrees from the position that it will be used in. The user then rotates the device 180 degrees which engages with the internal mechanisms of the female dock, securing it in place.

To remove the accessory, the user just needs to rotate the device 180 degrees and pull it up and out of the dock.

What is a body camera harness?

A body worn camera harness is a wearable accessory designed to securely hold and support a body camera on the user’s person. Typically worn over clothing, these body camera mounts are more secure than magnetic or clip on docks and come in a variety of dock placements.

Centre Chest Harnesses – Consists of straps or a harness system that wraps around the user’s torso, with a central attachment point for the camera. Provides extensive coverage, but it may restrict movement across the middle of the body hampering manual tasks.

, Which Body Camera Harness, Body Worn Camera Clip or Dock is Right for You?
, Which Body Camera Harness, Body Worn Camera Clip or Dock is Right for You?

Shoulder Harnesses – This mount consists of straps that go over one shoulder and across the upper back, with the dock situated on the curve of the inside of the shoulder. They offer more freedom of movement but may result in a lean effect on the video, particularly if the user is muscular. Depending on the camera lens angle of the camera used, you might also miss some details on the far side of the user’s body when recording.

Upper Chest Harnesses – These are generally strapped across the upper torso, and features an attachment point for the camera situated near the collarbone or upper chest region. The upper chest position offers an optimal viewpoint for capturing footage while keeping the camera easily accessible and out of the way of the user’s arms and hands. This type of harness acts as a compromise between the shoulder harness and the centre chest harness.

What is a magnetic body camera mount?

A body camera magnetic mount comes in many variations, but most will function in a similar manner. The magnetic dock consists of two parts, a front plate, and a back plate. To use it, you position the back plate of the magnetic body camera mount behind the wearer’s uniform or clothing, and then place the front plate in the corresponding position on the front of the uniform or clothing. The two plats will attract each other and hold the mount into place.

A significant advantage of using a magnetic body camera mount is its ability to avoid damaging clothing items like traditional garment retro docks. These types of body camera mounts eliminate the need for screws, hooks, or other intrusive attachments, providing users with the flexibility to position the body camera nearly anywhere on their uniforms without leaving holes.

, Which Body Camera Harness, Body Worn Camera Clip or Dock is Right for You?
, Which Body Camera Harness, Body Worn Camera Clip or Dock is Right for You?

Something like a universal magnetic body camera mount can be used with most modern body cameras that come with crocodile clips but is not as secure as a KlickFast option as you are still relying on the strength of the included crocodile clip. Alternatively, KlickFast Magnetic body camera mounts require a KlickFast male attachment but tend to be far more secure than universal options.

It is recommended that you DO NOT use any type of magnetic body camera mount if you have a pacemaker installed. Also because of the strength of the magnets, users must be very careful when applying the device to their uniforms. Once the magnets get too close, they attract each other with a lot of force. It is important to remember to keep your fingers clear when attaching them to avoid unnecessary accidents.

What are KlickFast belt loop docks or belt clips for body cams?

KlickFast belt loop docks or belt clips for body cams are designed to securely attach body cameras to belts and straps. These docks typically feature a loop or clip mechanism that secures it in place providing a stable mounting point for the user’s equipment. As the mounting position is so low with this kind of dock, it is far less common to see it used for body cameras and more used for torches & radios.  

The KlickFast range are the most prolific example of this type of mount. They include:

  • KlickFast Velcro Belt Loop.
  • KlickFast Clip-On Dock.
  • KlickFast 32/38/50mm belt clip.
  • KlickFast Belt Loop/Extended/100mm Drop.
, Which Body Camera Harness, Body Worn Camera Clip or Dock is Right for You?

What is an Anti-tilt dock?

, Which Body Camera Harness, Body Worn Camera Clip or Dock is Right for You?

Anti-tilt dock is a type of KlickFast mounting mechanism designed to prevent the body camera from tilting or shifting during use. This dock features a secure locking design that keeps the camera in a stable position, minimizing any unwanted movement or tilting. The anti-tilt feature ensures that the camera maintains a consistent angle and viewpoint, allowing for clearer and more stable footage to be captured. 

This type of dock is commonly used in applications where maintaining a steady recording angle is essential, such as law enforcement, security, or surveillance operations.

What is meant by a body camera uniform dock or garment dock?

A body camera uniform dock or garment dock refers to a specialized attachment designed to securely fasten a body camera onto a uniform or garment. These docks are made to integrate seamlessly with the fabric or structure of the uniform, providing a stable and discreet mounting solution.

Typically, these docks feature various attachment methods such as clips, Velcro straps, screws, or adhesive backings, allowing the camera to be securely affixed to specific areas of the uniform or garment, such as pockets, lapels, or shoulder straps. This ensures that the camera remains securely in place during movement and activity while remaining easily accessible for operation.

, Which Body Camera Harness, Body Worn Camera Clip or Dock is Right for You?

What is a retro garment dock for body worn cameras?

, Which Body Camera Harness, Body Worn Camera Clip or Dock is Right for You?

Retro docks or retro-garment docks are types of docks that get attached to the uniform after the point of manufacture of the uniform. This is in juxtaposition to mounts that are sewn into the uniform when made. A common example would be docks that are screwed into place on the uniform creating a permanent fixture. This type can be used any time after the item of uniform has been produced but is as secure as one that has been sewn in.

Screw-on garment docks offers several advantages, including increased stability, reduced risk of detachment from the uniform, and providing the user with complete control over the dock’s placement. However, one notable drawback of using a KlickFast screw-on dock is the garment damage incurred during installation, as it requires screwing into place.

Are there body camera molle mounts available?

Yes, a Peter Jones KlickFast Molle Dock is a type of dock that can be used with PALS straps. Molle systems (Modular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment) are commonly used in military and tactical gear for attaching various equipment to vests, belts, or backpacks.

The Peter Jones KlickFast Molle Dock integrates with Molle webbing, providing a secure and versatile mounting solution for KlickFast-compatible accessories, such as body cameras. This dock allows users to attach their body cams to Molle-compatible gear, ensuring that the body camera remains securely in place during movement and activity while providing easy access for operation.

The Molle KlickFast mount has two metal snap buttons that secure the device top PALS straps (Pouch Attachment Ladder System). The snap buttons are tightly moulded and require a decent amount of pressure to be pulled open meaning that your equipment will be secure. Like all KlickFast mounts, the KlickFast Molle mount is compatible with all KlickFast male connectors.

, Which Body Camera Harness, Body Worn Camera Clip or Dock is Right for You?

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