The Partner Body Cameras Attends Flow Innovation in Transportation event

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On April 18th, The Partner Body Cameras were on show at the Flow Innovation in Transportation event hosted at Millennium Point in Birmingham by Amulet Security. The event aimed to introduce members of the transportation sector with various innovative technological solutions, addressing both logistical everyday challenges and sensitive topics such as child exploitation.

During the event, the audience were introduced to The Partner MK4, the cutting-edge and robust flagship model as well as its cost-effective cousin, The Partner EC1. After the presentations, attendees of the event were encouraged to visit the various exhibitor booths where specialists gave demonstrations and tutorials.

, The Partner Body Cameras Attends Flow Innovation in Transportation event
, The Partner Body Cameras Attends Flow Innovation in Transportation event

Of particular popularity at the event was The Partner DEMS body camera software system for the MK4 camera. Short for Digital Evidence Management Software, the DEMS impressed the audience with its advanced features such as encrypted footage playing, access control and forensic audit log. Attendees also appeared impressed that the DEMS is a one-off license fee with no renewals or ongoing costs.

The event also included other organisations such as CYP First, Railway Children, and Rail Safe Friendly, took the stage to illuminate the crucial task of identifying signs of child exploitation and implementing protective measures. Rail Safe Friendly took the opportunity to shed light on its initiatives to educate school communities about the dangers associated with railroad crossings and their potential impact on youth safety.

In an impressive showcase, SENSIVIC unveiled its innovative Smart Audio Detection technology, which boasts the capability to discern various alarming sounds, encompassing verbal aggression, firearm discharges, blasts, and vehicular collisions.

Project Blueprint captivated the audience with its introduction of a novel strategy designed to enhance real-time situational awareness and provide a cohesive overview of both regular operations and emergency scenarios.

Swallow Sky Tech sparked interest with a discussion on the evolving accessibility of drones within the realms of the security sector, law enforcement, and military operations, highlighting the substantial advantages that these aerial devices offer.

The conference drew a diverse crowd, including representatives from several railway companies and key figures from Amulet’s executive team.

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