What Types of Body camera software are available?

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It is easier than ever to buy a body camera these days with hundreds of different models available from dozens of manufacturers with large price differences between them. Many modern body cameras will also boast similar specifications despite one being several hundred pounds more expensive. While not an immutable fact, in many circumstances the difference between them will be the type of software and firmware that they use. In this article we will explore the differences in the types of software that are available, who would need which and what features to expect.

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What is meant by body camera software?

The term bodycam software is used to describe anything from a basic Cam Manager to a full cloud-based Digital Evidence Management Suite (DEMS) with real-time video streaming. This ambiguity has led to the misconception that all body cameras and their associated software are equal. They are not.

The complexity of a body worn camera system will determine what kind of software it uses. A simple device like a JLC Mini Body Camera will operate just like a USB and not require any software or a third-party computer. On the other hand you will have systems like the Axon Body 3 or Reveal D-Series which have entire software ecosystems, facial recognition facilities, live streaming and more.

Generally speaking the broad categories of accompanying body camera software will be the following:

, What Types of Body camera software are available?

Cam Manager Software

Encrypted Video Player

Decrypter or Decoder

Locally-Installed Digital Evidence Management Software (DEMS)

Cloud-Based Digital Evidence Management Software (CDEMS)

What is a body camera Cam Manager software?

, What Types of Body camera software are available?

The most common type of body camera software that you will see is the Cam Manager software. You will find that a lot of these applications will be extremely similar, even if the camera comes from a different manufacturer. The reason for this is that the majority of body cameras share components, such as Ambarella chips, which means that some types of software can be used across devices with minor changes. The result is that a lot of body camera Cam Manager software will look quite similar and function in much the same way.

Cam Manager will be used to adjust settings on the body cam itself such as resolution, infra-red sensitivity, photo resolution, pre-record and more. It will also allow you to access your files, particularly if your body camera uses drive masking.

In some body worn video camera systems , the Cam Manager will be integrated into the DEMS (Digital Evidence Management Software), particularly cloud based platforms.

What is an Encrypted Video Player software for body worn cameras?

Encryption is a must have for body camera UK models as GDPR is interpreted as requiring this for compliance. Some lower cost cameras that are not integrated with a digital evidence management software for body cameras rely on these applications instead. Similar to a standalone media player like VLC or Windows Media player, you simply open the file and it will play as long as it has the matching AES Key programmed into it. 

Depending on the player, it may support multiple AES Keys but in some cases it will only use a default Key. These kinds of systems are dangerous in that any one who has the player will be able to watch your footage which makes the encryption pointless.

, What Types of Body camera software are available?

What is an encrypted body camera Decrypter or Decoder?

, What Types of Body camera software are available?

An encrypted body camera Decrypter or Decoder is a type of software used to turn encrypted video files captured by body-worn cameras into standard files. Normally, this will be done one by one which can be time consuming and is far less convenient that something like a DEMS software. They will normally be free applications that are bundled with encrypted body cameras.

It may or may not have adjustable AES Keys but any decent decrypter should so please bear this in mind. These types of software can also be surprisngly storage intensive so its important to take this into consideration.


What is a locally-installed Digital Evidence Management Software for body cameras?

A locally-installed Digital Evidence Management Software (DEMS) for body cameras is a software application installed on a local computer or server that is used to manage and organize the digital evidence captured by body-worn cameras. This software allows law enforcement agencies and other organizations to securely store, retrieve, and analyze video recordings, photos, audio files, and other data collected by body cameras. 

Local DEMS software systems provide control and privacy over the stored evidence compared to cloud-based solutions. There are also normally no ongoing costs associated with this kind of body camera software such as license fees or cloud storage costs. In local systems like The Partner DEMS, the license is per PC or server, not per camera like most cloud based systems.

, What Types of Body camera software are available?

What is a cloud-based DEMS Software?

, What Types of Body camera software are available?

A cloud-based Digital Evidence Management Software (DEMS) is a web-based application that allows users to securely store, manage, and analyze digital evidence captured by body-worn cameras and other sources in the cloud. Cloud-based DEMS offer the advantage of accessibility from any location with an internet connection, scalability for storage needs, and advanced collaboration features for sharing evidence securely among authorized users.

This type of software is ideal for organizations with multiple locations or remote workforce requiring centralized evidence management. Normally, there will be additional costs for cloud based body camera software such as license fees, cloud storage and data charges for uploading if the cameras are streaming or not WIFI based. In many cases such as with Pinnacle Body Cameras, software licenses are per cameras, not per PC.

What are the key features to consider in body camera software selection?

When selecting body camera software, there are several key features to consider to ensure that it meets the specific needs of the user or organization. Some important features to look for include:

– Encryption capabilities

– File management and organization tools

– Integration with existing systems

– Access control and user permissions

– Metadata tagging and search functionalities

– Fixed or ongoing costs

– Audit Log Functionality

, What Types of Body camera software are available?

Depending on the brand of your camera, it will normally offer one or two options with regards to software. The Partner & Pinnacle body camera ranges have with and without DEMS options where without still includes the Cam Manager. Something like a Reveal Media D-Series or Axon Body 3 would normally not be available as a stand alone camera without the integrated DEMS ecosystem that they are normally combined with.

Body camera software from one company is not normally cross compatible with cameras from another company.

How does body camera software impact data security and privacy?

, What Types of Body camera software are available?

Body camera software plays a critical role in ensuring the security and privacy of the data captured by the cameras. Encryption features, access controls, and secure storage options are key components that help safeguard sensitive information. Additionally, compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR is essential in maintaining data security and protecting the privacy rights of individuals.

Depending on the software, you will be able to create different permission levels that restrict access to only permitted members of the team. Cloud based software raises some issues about remote access while locally installed solutions are more secure but require extra steps when transferring data.

Any software that requires network access raises questions about vulnerability. Many IT departments do not like body cameras to connect to their WIFI as each one becomes a point of ingress to their network. If an organization is particularly stringent on network access, it may be best to go with a standalone PC and a locally-installed DEMS.

Another issue that may arise is that many Cam Manager programs get flagged by anti-virus software as spam. In some cases they may even remove files such as DLLs as a form of protection. In these situations, you will need to apply an exemption for the software which normally requires admin permissions.

What are the recent advancements in body camera software technology?

Advancements in body camera software technology have led to the development of innovative features that enhance functionality and usability. Some of the latest advancements include:

– Real-time video streaming capabilities

– Artificial intelligence and facial recognition integration

– Cloud-based storage and remote access

– Mobile app compatibility for on-the-go access

– Enhanced data analytics tools for evidence collection and reporting

, What Types of Body camera software are available?

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